Chloe de Buyl  (Ireland) Dance, Aerials, Choreography  

Chloé de Buyl-Pisco has been directing, choreographing and performing dance, physical theatre contemporary circus and experimental art for 19 years full time. All over the globe, sustaining herself solely from this and working in dozens of countries.  She teaches and performs aerial silks, Lyra/ Hoop, Rope, Trapeze, doubles, coccon and much much more. Her most fun is sharing the joys of artistic expression with people of all backgrounds, whether teaching directing in university to professional circus artists, dramaturgy-ing her own work or giving anyone their artistic platform for the first time, like in an outreach program to marginalised communities. This is her favourite work.

Marie La Santa (Barcelona) African Urban Dance 

In love with AFRICA and its cultural richness, Marie got into dance as a result of her numerous trips to different countries in Africa. Now living in Barcelona, ​​she teaches Afro-urban dance workshops there and travelling at teach at times. Maria participates in the promotion of artists in Burkina, Guinea, GHANA, Ivory Coast and Nigeria … Marie fuses creativity, textiles, dance, love, art and solidarity, from and to AFRICA with her social project. SOUL DANCE OF LOVE PROJECT is an uplifting empowerment platform for dancers from African cities.

Tomas Medina (Granada) Body Percussion

Tomas works with music and body percussion and makes projects in schools all over spain. He also collaborates in several international body percussion projects. “Body percussion is the cheapest and  most available instrument we have, our own body. Educating the rhythm through the movement that our body offers us implies an infinite number of advantages that can be enjoyed by all the people who want i regardless of their age, from children to children to the elderly”
Tomas loves the potential of body percussion and has been working with kids, adults and people with functional diversity, deaf, deaf-blind, hyperactivity, Down syndrome. Body percussion is cool, fun, healthy and addictive.

Gonzalo Hachi (Canary Islands) Parkour 

I’ve been jumping, running, climbing on things, like other kids, my whole life. One day, my neighbour friend told me “Hey, come out, there’s something I want to show you”. He just found “parkour” on internet. And so, I found parkour is a thing, but all I had in my mind was to be like Jackie Chan on his movies, or like Tarzan from Disney. With time and errors, I found it have technique, it have communities, it have its own unseen culture too. Since then, in 2006, I do parkour. And I became coach and eventually started to teach in 2010. Through all this time, I realised all I’ve been doing was exploring movement, in a explosive and very energetic way. In order to teach better and have better understanding of our body I also studied to be a fitness coach and massage therapist. Parkour is for everyone, it’s your way to interact with your environment. Your parkour is personal, give it a try. “To be and to last…”.

Alberto Poli (Italy) Modern-contemporary dance and floor acrobatics

Alberto found his calling when he was 12, the day he first admired the acrobats of the Guinness record winner musical show “Notre Dame de Paris”. In 2007 he created Team Vertical Limit, group of acrobats and street dancers specializing in live shows and videomaking, and over the years he developed his own style by mixing floor acrobatics with tricking, freerun and stunts. He performed as acrobat on several international stages like Glastonbury Festival, Arena di Verona and Royal Opera House of Muscat while training with inspiring artists around the world. In 2016 he joined the international show “Notre Dame de Paris” by Riccardo Cocciante and Luc Plamondon performing as acrobat in Paris, London, Istanbul and all around Italy.

Beatrice Zancanaro (Italy) Modern-contemporary dance and floor acrobatics

From world-class rhythmic gymnast for the italian national team to top level dancer for the largest show business companies around the world (Franco Dragone, Luc Petit, Notre Dame de Paris) Beatrice dedicated all her life to the study and research of the arts of movement and their nuances. She has worked world-wide for television and theatres, including live event with artists like Anastacia, Liza Minelli, Andrea Bocelli and more. Beatrice eventually reached the peak of her career by joining Cirque du Soleil for the first cruise ship live show tour ever created by the canadian company, in 2017, starting as a dancer and ending as artistic leader.

Fran Creatina RDA (Granada) Capoeira

Known as Creatina In the world of capoeira …. He is from Granada and he has been practicing capoeira and acrobatics since he was 10 years old. Nowadays he works nationally and internationally teaching classes, workshops and seminars of capoeira, acrobatics, movement and performance. He represents the Rabo group of arraia capoeira spread throughout Europe, South America and Africa. Creatina is known for his very personal technique and style.

David Sanjuan (Granada) Partner Acrobatics, Acroyoga, Handstands

 He has taught courses and workshops about acroyoga, juggling, slackline, sports games, postural re-education and therapeutic exercise.  He is an avid climber and nature lover. He loves to share his passions with everybody. For him, Acro it’s a game where you become a child again, where emotions play a fundamental role. It creates fun and enjoyment, discovering our body through movement. It’s fascinating to witness how people gain confidence, making them realize what they are capable of.