With more than a dozen professionals from several disciplines, this team will inspire, push and support you to try new things, improve your performance and grow as an athlete/practitioner.


May 27-31, 2021 will hopefully be more free for travel and gathering:)
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Cortijo Caseria del Mercado in Las Alpujarras National Park in Spain is a remarkable venue perfectly outfitted for movement and performance arts. Surrounded by nature, fresh mountain air- you won’t want to leave!


Dance, Martial Arts, Parkour, Acrobatics and Body Percussion are the main disciplines being presented. Our wish is for you to expand your movement repetoir, learn new things, refine old ones and get creative.

With multiple classes running at the same time you will get to build your own experience, focusing on what interests you the most. There will be a variations for all levels of experience and some classes will be specifically geared to more or less experienced participants.


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